The Ripple Made By Water Drops

Some water drops tried after looking at Dhani's Photo. Hehe.


Out Of Focus said...

You know.. this sort of photos should be posted time posa when the sun is blazing hot and the air is particularly dry.. Hehehe!!

Very nice bro. I gotto try this one day..

Syairazi said...

alaa, nda gtau awal2 bro. kalau tau tdi, ngam nampak anak bulan tu jua post. hehe.

you've got to try this bro, its easier if you have a speedlite. hehe. I don't have one, just a built in flash. Hehe. Pakai lampu tungsten, suluhkn saja arah air. same result. C Dhani Sixth-Project lagi lawa. hehe

Anonymous said...

ehh nda apa tu. nanti lgi cuba syai hehe! im impressed. u managed to pull this off without a strobe and just using a simple setup. This is good stuff, nice. kudos to u. glad to see this :)

Bah OOF cuba nanti *hehe* And to syai, keep up the good work brader ;)

Syairazi said...

Thanks Dhani. :) You inspired me so far.. Hehe.. Tunggu bali speedlite baru tah upload lagi.. hehehe..

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