Fishermen's Routine

IMG_1995 edited

Taken during an outing at Kampung Melayu asli in June 2009

Razer Salmosa

This is the first time that I shoot, edit and in less than an hour. Most of the time I waited for 2 weeks then I'll upload. Reason to post this up because I haven't updated for a while.

More photos of last week and last month to be uploaded.



New upload, make it smaller so that it's in better view. :)

True Love

True Love?

How do you know if it's a true love?

On The Slopes

Only a Cat Knows

Toyota Emblem

Innovation into the future.

Toyota's Motto : Moving Forward

Birthday Cherry

Bruneian's Hope

Masjid Pandan Kuala Belait

Disembodied Beneath The Masticated

Undead Feast

I Shoot what I see

Canon 50mm f1.8